my name is Bela, I'm currently just over four months old, and this blog will be a sort of lifecast chronicling my early beginnings. Maybe when I get old enough to write this myself I'll keep it going, but for now it's written my mum Claire and my dad Robin, and I am merely dictating what I want through various gargles and squirms.

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Sunday, 18 November 2007

Visits Galore 01

Well, it has been a busy couple of months, and I've barely had a chance to think let alone transmit this blog.
We've had so many visitors it's been difficult to know where to start, so I thought I'd bundle them all into one large p
hoto entry, a bulk visit if you will, a blurry montage of comings and goings, a vast montage writ large on screen, a vista of human.. Basically we had a whole buncha people visit, here they are:

First there was our friends Scott and Vicky

Scott and Vicky

laire, Robin and me in the park some time later

Visits Galore 02

My fir
st trip out in the sling with Daddy, Scott and Vicky took this picture

Clive and Noriko came to visit from Japan

Visits Galore 04

Then I had my first go in my new chair

And then Ragna and Lutz came to visit

Visits Galore 05

Then Great Uncle Ashley, Great Aunt Jean (they're from different ends of the family) and Auntie Ruth came to visit

Jean and Me

Ashley, Ruth and me

Visits Galore 06

Then I had a rest

Visits Galore 07

Then Chris, Lynn, Anne and Ros came to visit and we went to the the aquarium

This last one is a frogfish

Visits Galore 08

Then John and Rachel came to visit